27 July 2008

New Adventures in Knitting

New Adventures in Knitting.

Laminaria (link) has begun! Surprisingly, it has been kicked off with relatively few disastrous mistakes, but upon further inspection, the first lace chart (the star chart) looks like it's probably a little tamer than some of the later ones. I'm REALLY enjoying knitting lace out of laceweight yarn, which I never would have guessed. Even a couple of inches in, I'm starting to understand why there are knitters out there who aren't really the shawl-wearing types, and might not even know any shawl-wearing types, but are still very much the shawl-knitting types. Of course, as it starts in the center and the rows keep getting longer and longer, we'll see how much fun I'm having in a couple of weeks...

In fact the most difficult part so far was getting the giant 1375-yd hank wound into a ball. This was done by hand, Friday night. (I did listen to the seventh Harry Potter audiobook though as I wound, which I finished on a bus yesterday, incidentally.) It took probably around four or five hours, but as I encountered relatively few small tangles, and the entire thing never devolved into a giant mess, I would say it's been one of my least stressful hand-ball-winding experiences.

However, my enjoyment of lace is making me feel better about that really odd burnt orange alpaca/acrylic purchase I made a couple of weeks ago.

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