02 July 2008

A Little About Jazz, Or, Man, Sometimes Do I Fail At Life

So, at Smolny, there's this club on Wednesday afternoons about media and popular culture and things like that. We're small, by which I mean only two students and the tutor who leads and sometimes some other tutors show up. Today we talked about jazz.

Now, I don't claim to know music history AT ALL, but I'm a little ashamed of myself for not knowing more. I learned a bit about how it started out (which sounds like things I've heard before, but I wouldn't have been able to coherently reproduce).

The sad part was when Vika (the tutor leading it) asked us to name jazz artists that we knew. Between the two of us, Hart and I came up with: Louis Armstrong, Oscar Peterson (who I don't even know), Duke Ellington, Charlie Parker and (after a while) John Coltrane.

Of course, afterward (right now) I felt the need to make a jazz playlist. How much jazz do I have on my computer? 1.4 DAYS. And all I could think of was Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong and Charlie Parker. Big names I should have remembered include: David Benoit, Vince Guaraldi, Brad Mehldau, Dave Brubeck, James Carter and Thelonious Monk. (We should have come up with Miles Davis, too, but Vika got to that one before I could.)

I kind of feel like I fail at life. And that this is a post that Angie forgets to read. (Sorry for being a stupid American when it comes to jazz, Ang.)

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