10 July 2008


This morning I had two exams, which are like midterms for the 8 week folks (me) and finals for the 4 week folks leaving Sunday morning. I'm not quite sure how things went. I thought they were challenging, but that might be related to the fact that I "lucked out" on the oral exam, and got the most challenging topic (money/economics).

After talking about money and trying to explain RFERL and CPJ, I'm sure the politics essay I'm writing tonight will seem like a piece of cake. Or, rather a piece of tort. (I'd type it in Russian, but I'm using a computer lab computer and can't figure out how to switch between languages on these silly PCs.)

Sweater update: First sleeve finished! The one day I forget to bring my scissors (I've been preparing for this moment, you see). The button hunt shall recommence on Saturday. Success is imminent. Also, I was going to complain about something but decided not to. This is not the proper forum for such topics of conversation.

I really had something interesting to say, a while ago. Oh!

LOOK! It's Joey, who was our (Women's Chorale's) accompanist last semester. Winning big organ-playing prizes. And the 2002 winner they mentioned, Balint Karosi? Definitely was the First Church UCC organist before he graduated last year. Go, Oberlin. Also, go Minnesota! (I had no idea Joey was from Elk River.)

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