30 July 2008

Vyborg! (July 26)

Group picture with the moose sculpture. If you take your picture with the moose, you will be smarter and happier for the rest of your life. Plus, you also have a photograph of you with a big moose. Bargainous, indeed. Top to bottom left to right: large moose, Amber, Stephen, Elya, Tess (in the Vassar sweatshirt), Emily, me, Lauren, Emma (in yellow), Rebecca, Tatya, Liza, and Adams.

I found ZZ Top graffiti!

This is not Russian architecture. It is Swiss, built back when the Swiss owned these parts. Which was a ways back, but still. There's a lot of not-Russian architecture in Vyborg.

A bear. A Russian bear.

That there is the light of God, shining on that church. You better believe it.

More non-Russian architecture. Looking a little German, no? Could be Dutch, I suppose. I know nothing. The extent of my untraveled self's knowledge of European architecture is derived from Epcot. My memory of Epcot, at that. Which was a trip that happened about 10 years ago.

Me and Emily, in some ruins.

This is the most romantic street in Vyborg, according to our awesome old pensioner of a tour guide.

We went up in a tower, and you could see for about 30km.

Taken from the bridge outside said tower.

We spent the afternoon in the park, which is where this was taken, and it's one of my favorite pictures of the trip so far.

A tree, with lots of roots. Where's Liza?

Sky picture! The weather was gorgeous, if you can't tell by lookin' at them fluffy clouds.

Lauren. She went swimming, and then, like the other folks who went swimming, had a nice time drying off in the sun.

Conclusion: Vyborg: best excursion yet.

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