12 January 2010

Ain't it funny how time slips away...

1. Breakfast at Ann Sather with Amanda and my dad. Cinnamon rolls the size of hubcaps.
2. Knitting/crochet group at Immanuel. Amanda finished her hat, the superstar that she is!
3. Got to climb on ladders again, in the deChristmasing of Immanuel's sanctuary.
4. Stopped at Borders for the second time of the week(to pick up some issues of Interweave Knits I've fallen behind on).
5. Babysat. After the kid was asleep, WKMT had this really odd set of five or six folk songs that were all about cannibalism. It creeped me out.

1. The grand return of Sunday School.
2. Got sucked into a long conversation with Francisco about politics, Russian literature, and eastern European pop music.
3. Knit.
4. Got bored with sweater.
5. Fell asleep at 6:00 p.m.

1. Meh. Monday was Monday. I should have played the Bangles' song to make it better. Let's just skip it.

1. Staff meeting. Stayed alert without tea.
2. Lunch: сельодка под шубой. Salted herring under scallions under potatoes under beets. Plus, in true Russian fashion, mayonnaise.
3. Played around with my favorite chord (Cmaj7) a bit, and ended up writing about four measures of piano music. I never write piano music.
4. Songwriting class at Old Town! Learned about song form, reviewed basic chord structures, and 12-bar blues. Considered making 'the Guacamole Blues' into an actual blues song.
5. Finally merged my old Google account with the Gmail one. Now when I blog, it doesn't log me out of my email! Partay.

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