08 January 2010

Thursday 07-01-10

Best part of day: Georgian bakery. It's on Devon & California. 2812 W. Devon, or something like that. You should probably go there.

Obtained items:

1. Хачапури - (Khachapuri). These little cheese pies. Georgian classic.
2. Лоблани - (Loblani). Like хачапури, but with red bean filling. Even tastier.
3. Картошка с капустой - (Pastry with cabbage). Pretty basic, but good for cabbage lovers.
4. Пельмени - (Pel'meni - Russian dumplings). Some beef and pork, some with potato and cheddar.
5. Сельди - (Herring). For Сельди под шубой (Herring Under a Fur Coat, which is layers of herring, scallions, potatoes and beets. Covered in mayonnaise, in true Russian form).

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