08 January 2010

Friday 08-01-10

Hey, look! It's my dad! In Chicago! Partay!

1. Canceled on my songwriting appointment with myself. (Don't tell Steve at the Old Town School.)
2. More instruments somehow showed up in Casa. Could this have been the entire purpose of my father's visit? Of course, not. That's preposterous.
3. Late lunch at Charlie's Ale House. The New Holland Brewery is a winner. Also, that bartender really dislikes Goose Island 312. "It's the Bud Light of wheat beers." Damn. That's harsh.
4. Knitting circle. Kristy was disappointed at the lack of fauxhawk. But Lynne's sea salt chocolate chip cookies made everything better.
5. Pizza and hootenanny, with photographs of a horn-rimmed Lou Malnati, and Brother Thelonious, respectively. Learned a lot of seventh chords. Probably forgot them, too.

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