18 January 2010

Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Apparently this weekend happened in the present tense.

1. I'm going to leave for Milwaukee sometime between 3 and 4 pm.
2. I'm going to leave for Milwaukee sometime around 5 pm.
3. It's 6:00. I'm totally leaving in a few minutes.
4. 7:00. I leave for Milwaukee.
5. Folk show: John Stano. Then: X Files! Hungry (7x03) and Hollywood A.D. (7x19).

1. I awake, for some reason, at 8:30, and write blues lyrics.
2. Strong desire to play the piano overcome by the fact that it would wake up the entire house.
3. Walk three miles to Fiberwood Studio. Buy 2205 yards of Jaggerspun Zephyr laceweight. (50/50 wool/silk).
4. Excursion to mall with David, Zach and Ashley. In perusing Barnes & Noble: learn key phrases in Czech, and brush up on my Python programming skillz.
5. Dinner and X Files with David. By which I mean, delicious Indian food. Also, this animated show that was a lot like the X Files, and Firefly (Ariel). Firefly is almost the X Files, in that it was frequently communally watched by the Danielle/Kathryn/Linden/Liz/Bethany crowd, and prominently features both Jewel Staite and Adam Baldwin, who were both on the X Files.

1. Close, and try to lock the door behind me as I leave the Milwaukee LVC house at 7:00 am. Subsequently realize that I have left my iPod (with the epic two-hour playlist) inside the house. Fortunately, my door-locking attempt failed, and I don't have to call anyone and make them get out of bed to let me in. IPod was retrieved, the door was locked, and I was on my way.
2. Successful Sunday School class. I forget to bring the story, and have to tell it from memory, but the kids get it, and we have a good discussion that relates Shiprah and Puah to Rosa Parks.
3. Bowl-a-thon for the SOA watch with Amanda. The LVCers are cursed with bowling 9s.
4. Game 1: 73. No stirkes, no spares; I bowl 9s in four frames.
Game 2: 78. No strikes, no spares; I bowl 9s in six frames.
Game 3: 154. Three strikes, three spares; I bowl 9s in two frames.
5. General failure to journal for songwriting. Sigh.

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