03 January 2010

Sunday 03-01-10

No list for Saturday. Alas, the list for today wouldn't be incredibly exciting. I did at least look up recipes for black bread. Also, Herring under a Fur Coat, which is this incredibly delicious layered Russian salad. Well, incredibly delicious if you like beets. Which you should.

Today, really, the only interesting thing I did was watch Beauty and the Beast. I was probably less than 10 years old the last time I saw it.

Instead of giving you a list, I will tell you, in reverse chronological order, five things I've been thinking about recently that relate to sound.
1. Every time Ms. Potts spoke/sang during Beauty and the Beast, I was reminded of how much I like Angela Lansbury.
2. Some earworms (by certain folk-pop bands) are more than welcome during normal daily functioning. (And, unfortunately, they same cannot be said during bouts of insomnia.)
3. I really want to learn to play slide guitar.
4. I do kind of wish my bass was in Chicago.
5. The Cure, when not bashing around about how Friday is the best day of the week, is fantastic music for falling asleep to.

That being said, I really do have interesting plans for the next few days. I shall, in fact, succeed at doing cool stuff in January. It will happen; I promise.


Talons said...

I love Beauty and the Beast.

Anonymous said...

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