01 January 2010

Friday 01-01-10

Remember this format from last year? Five item lists! Every day in January! Except maybe sometimes.

Today, among other things, I:
1. Watched X Files with David from LVC Milwaukee at 3 a.m. (Paper Hearts, 4x10) Very sadly, this may be the first X Files episode viewed by me in Casa Romero, possibly the second. For sure the only episode to be viewed in the last three months. (I might have watched one with some friends in September; this is still a pitiful frequency.)
2. Failed miserably at falling asleep, due largely to three Girlyman songs that wouldn't leave my brain alone.
3. Played guitar.
4. Tried to read a book
5. Contemplated testing the yeast in our kitchen fridge (I have all of these aspirations about baking черный хлеб (black bread) this weekend).

2010 doesn't feel much different. I'm still making lists, anyway.

Oh! And I finished Daybreak a couple of days ago. Quite pleased with it.

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