28 January 2009

Friday Pie Blogging: The Tuesday Pirog Edition

1. Last day of class! Watched some Чебурашка (Cheburashka) and familiarized my class with the "delicious taste of Choco-Pie". Sent them an email full of links to various interesting Russian things on the internet, a list of which X Files episodes contain spoken Russian, and forgot to include my dumb little song about the Megabus (Для Мегабуса). Which goes as follows:

Где автобус?
Я хочу автобус.
Я не вижу автобус.
Автобус сейчас!

That last line doesn't make any sense, so anyone singing and not playing an instrument has to pound their fist in a demanding manner, and suddenly, the meaning becomes clear. A couple months later, I wrote a second verse. The first can be repeated indefinitely, but the second verse is meant to be sung only once:

Где автобус?
Там автобус!
Я вижу автобус!
Автобус здесь сейчас.

Maybe if you're lucky, I'll make a lo-fi recording of that someday. I have the feeling that it would be like giving the world blackmailable materials, though.

2. In order to foment the end of her Urban Aran Cardigan (she's on the last sleeve!), I made Ondrea come to my house and knit while we watched Firefly (Jaynestown). She also helped me make dough...

3. ...for my пирог! (pirog!) (it's like a pie!) (but savory, in this instance!). I finished making the pirog (which contained a little fresh cabbage, but mostly the sauerkraut that's been fermenting on my porch for the last few weeks) and it was a success. (As in most of the people who ate it don't normally like sauerkraut but liked my pirog.) Still have a small ice cream bucket full of sauerkraut, and a little pirog left for lunch on Wednesday!
4. Watched the X Files and ate pirog. (Red Museum)
5. Watched the X Files and worked on my матрёшка mittens. (Blood, Sleepless)

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