29 January 2009

Wednesday 28-01-09

1. Peters Hall: Chatted with Sara Stefani for a while. Then the college shut down for the day at noon and everyone went home.
2. Java Zone: The Great Job Search. Have I stepped aside recently and mentioned how thankful I am for the internet?
3. Smith's Furnishings and Yarns: Knitting with Ondrea and Holly. A color card came in for the Joseph Galler Superfine Alpaca 3-ply, and IT'S GOING TO COME IN COLORS NOW. I have new yarn to dream about.
4. the Psychomantium: Knitting with Liz, while watching South Park.
5. the Psychomantium: Knitting with Liz and Danielle, while watching The Fellowship of the Ring. (!, I know.)

It's worth mentioning that I started a new knitting project. I'm in love with it and it's challenging in new ways and I'm hoping to have it done by this weekend. It's going to be a surprise, unless you give me a call and hang out and knit with me in the next few days. Which would be totally okay.

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Cory Ellen said...

Hi there! I'm home, and hope to see you at aforementioned Smith's. I'm thinking about buying a sweater's amount of yarn. Also drooling over Joseph Galler alpaca in colors. Om nom.