17 January 2009

Saturday 17-01-09

1. IGA trip numero tres to acquire ingredients for Tuesday night's menu
2. Made eggplant caviar with no sliced open fingertips or really weird coincidences. Doesn't taste like the eggplant caviar I've had in the past. Tastes kinda like guacamole made with eggplant instead of avocados. Looking at the ingredients, I shouldn't be surprised by this.
3. Clean(er) room! Hooray!
4. Managed to stay warm despite heating issues in the house. I'm not sure if I have this entirely correctly, but I think a pipe froze and broke, and was leaking on lower levels of the house. They fixed it, but as the house has a radiator system, they had to bleed the heating system and restart it. I think it's only going to get warmer at this point... I should probably go turn off the burners that are going on the stove. Hey, at least our water is running, unlike the water at my parents' house.
5. Made a cover for my journal, which has gone coverless for the 5.5 months it has existed. Still undecorated, but maybe I'll take care of that at the next crafty Mod Podge session.

I realize that I originally meant to make a rather concise list, and I'm straying into several-sentence paragraph territory. I hope you don't mind.


Dave said...

1. We don't mind paragraph territory.

2. Funny, Dan the Plumber said "At least your heat's working."

3. Tasty take out from the New Hong Kong Wok.

4. Dave's Faves 2008 almost ready for general availability.

5. I just saw drips coming out of the laundry tub faucet! We just may have water again!

Dave said...

No luck yet on the water.

Re: your heat not working, Sasha said "It's like she's living in Russia!"