21 January 2009

Tuesday 20-01-09

1. Walked to Mt. Zion Baptist and watched OUR NEW PRESIDENT speak. Cheered at appropriate moments and waved goodbye when Senor Bush left in the copter.
2. Checked at the book store to see if the three remaining Russian textbooks had come in. Guess what came in just recently? NACHALO BOOK 2. THE BOOK THEY NEED FOR SPRING SEMESTER. Guess who's slightly frustrated with the bookstore, and is also a master of the Peters copy machine, when she shouldn't need to be?
3. Led my Russian class in an innovative experiment in the Pictionary World of Science, when Натан suggested that we try to draw sentences. So we picked sentences from the dialogue. (Like 'Is the heat working?' 'I play rock music and jazz.' 'She's an unpleasant woman.') Made Pictionarical scientific leaps of progress.
4. Guac prep. The avos that Danielle bought a week ago went bad. Which we realized at about 4:45. So I walked to IGA and got three. And made avocadically-intense guac. And then it didn't taste right, and I though 'Oh. I'll just add more cumin.' (shake shake shake the cumin canister) and a couple hours later Danielle pointed out that it wasn't that spicy and maybe I could add more cayenne and FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE I FAILED TO ADD ENOUGH CAYENNE PEPPER TO A FOOD ITEM. But it was still tasty.
5. INAUGURAL BALL. Photographic evidence to come. Wonderful. Absolutely wonderful.

Part of me thinks I should correct tests right now.
Part of me wants to clean my room.
Part of me wants to sleep.

Guess which of those is going to happen right now?

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Emily said...

Inaugural ball was AMAZING!!! And I must have the salmon dip recipe. It is necessary in my life.