11 January 2009

Saturday 10-01-09

1. Snowball fight and sledding down Mount Oberlin with Danielle, Joe and Anna.
2. Finished the transition chart on Laminaria (that Estonian lace shawl that has beek kicking my ass). Turns out I'd missed a yarn over (not surprising) two rows back, and managed to unknit almost half a row without getting into FUBAR territory (very surprising). I love it! Seriously! Why have I been ignoring this project for two months?
3. Guacamole with Anna and Liz and LINDEN who is back earlier than any of her housemates expected.
4. Drinks and tots at the Feve with Heather and Anna (the recent birthday women), Glenn, Linden, Shaquille, Jeffrey, Danielle and Liz. (Thanks again, Shaq.)
5. Chillaxed at Keep, with Linden and Tyler, and some other folks in the lounge that were subjected to a bunch of 90s pop music (the guitar's been drinking, not me, not me). I also realized that I can handle as much Hanson or BSB as you can throw at me, but I max out at one Jewel song. Sorry, Linden.

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