19 January 2009

Sunday 18-01-09

1. Slept in. Realized that as much as waking up Sunday morning is great, if there was something like the Well in Oberlin, that'd be kinda convenient for my schedule.
2. Hung out with Nicole and Jenny (listened to Stash & Burn). Worked on the Knotty/Knice socks. Made a silly mistake, but I'm not fixing it. Added 2 rows in between cable repeats (for a total of 8), for future reference.
3. Started making a macrame-y kind of yet-to-be-determined jewelry. Could be a bracelet, could be an anklet. Might just get attached to a piece of luggage.
4. Sat around with Danielle and Liz compiling playlists for Tuesday evening.
5. Tank party to celebrate the end of the Bush regime.

Bonus: Fact of the Day: Part of the scientific name for the cacao plant is theobroma, which means 'food of the gods'.

Extra bonus: Fact of the Day (reprise): If you switch the Os and As in cacao, you get cocoa. Isn't that awesome (Y/N)?

Thanks again Wikipedia for the fact of the day! Also, thanks to Bethany's brain and that one young adult book she read from the library that one time that prominently featured anagrams and influenced her paying attention to the arrangement of letters in words, which she actually probably already payed attention to anyway, but we'll give you some the credit anyway just to be nice, unnamed Y/A novel.

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