10 September 2008

holy cow you guys pt. 2

So. I have haystacks of work to do, BUT. The fall issue of Knitty is out. It came out this morning, and due to the tons of Ravelers who pounced on it, we kind of shut the server down, I think. Or it might have been a bug with the new printer-friendly format. Anywho, after being really impatient and unproductive (not academically productive; I did clean up my room a bit) for 45 minutes or so, it came back up. And I looked at all the patterns. First, I thought (going through them in the order on the pattern page), that the newsboy cap would be the best, as there was a point in time during which I wanted really badly to knit a newsboy cap, but all of the knitting patterns thus far published were CRAP. However, this looks awesome. I mean, WHERE can I buy some sew-on snaps.






Whoa. Whoawhoawhoawhoawhoa. Reasons why this is awesome:
1. I was planning on challenging myself with some colorwork gloves/mittens this semester. FITS INTO PLAN.
3. I don't have size 3 dpns, for some reason, but 7.75 inches is a little too tight for my liking, so I can make them on size 4s, which are CURRENTLY PROJECTLESS.

So. Right now, I'm going to go give a bag of black, white, red, pink, yellow, and gray yarn and some size 4 dpns to Danielle, and instruct her not to let me have them back until noon on Friday, when my first working paper for my seminar is due. I may not have the self-control, but at least I've got housemates to help me out.

Um, yeah. Other than that, tonight's the first knitting ExCo. I'm excited, and a little nervous. But mostly excited. And maybe there will be tea at Russian house after that. And then lots of work.

Also, Danielle made 4 loaves of French bread yesterday. With rosemary! (No parsley, sage or thyme, all you folk song addicts!) It was delicious. I have a photo, but not the time to post it now.

Have lovely afternoons.

ps. The links aren't working at the moment. The site might be down again, but they should work when the site's back up.

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