13 September 2008

Mission Undesireable pt 2

Time for some updatez up in heah!

SO. I have two knitting goals for the new year. The first is Mission Possible 2008. Here's the list:

1. Backwards Ribs Socks
2. Ravelympics Camisole
3. Glengarry (hat)
4. getting rid of a bunch of acrylic yarns I haven't touched in a year

1. Stuffed Penguin (assembly)
2. Mosey (legwarmers)
3. iPod cozy
4. Dark Mark Armwarmer pattern
5. Totoro Sweater pattern
6. Blaze (sweater from Knitty)
7. prayer shawl
8. Ravenclaw scarf

Well. I've made significant progress on a few things that are still unfinished: mainly the legwarmers, which only need a couple more inches and then I-cord ties/pom poms. And the Ravenclaw scarf now has HALF of the ends woven in. Almost there! Perhaps there will be more motivation to finish those soon, now that it's starting to cool off a little bit. (I'll be motivated to wear them.)

The second goal... finishing ALL of my WIPs before the new year, with maybe one project carrying over. This is not looking so good. It would be so liberating, to feel like I can just knit whatever I want, and to not be tied down at all. I could even try to get into the habit of not having WIPs sitting around unfinished. I could start out every new year like that!

But in order for that to happen, a lot of knitting needs to get done before the end of the year. I figure if anything carries over, it will be Laminaria (the Estonian lace shawl), because I've had such an up and down time with that, I don't know how long of an investment that project will turn out to be. Other projects on the needles not listed above are: two pairs of socks: the Diamond Waffle socks from Knitty in green and orange Pace, and the socks I just started for the ExCo in orange Araucania Ranco, which I LOVE knitting. Also, the matryoshka mittens that I just started. I'm going to be making Fetching along with the ExCo later in the semester, and will be tempted to make some Selbuvotter-inspired fair isle gloves, and the newsboy cap from the Fall Knitty (Kirinlemon and I might do a Knit-A-Long on that hat). And MP2008 still requires that I start Blaze, a prayer shawl, and an iPod cozy. AND NONE OF THAT EVEN FACTORS IN CHRISTMAS GIFTS.

In other words, I've got my work cut out for me.

Here's a good question: Why am I blogging instead of knitting?

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