12 September 2008


The week is DONE! Well, I have a seminar on Stalinism this afternoon, actually, but the assignment was due at noon. Know what that means? I can cast on for the матрёшка mittens!

Today is still hectic, though. I really need to head over to Tank and get some lunch, and after that, I'm sticking around to lead my first crew training! I happen to be the only current PoCo (People Coordinator) in Tank, as my CoPoCo was accepted into Old B. But as of last night, I'm fully trained, so I can actually do my job now. Sweet!

Also! Monday I start working at the Religious Life Office!

But back to today. After lunch/crew training, I'm coming back to plan some worship for tonight's ECO retreat! Which leaves Oberlin at 5:00! Which is only 40 minutes after my seminar gets out!

Which means no knitting circle today. But who cares. I love my socks and am starting mittens.

ps. It's raining. I hope it clears up by the sitting on the dock watching the sunset part of the retreat. But hey, I have a raincoat.

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